Founded in 1961, the Emmott Foundation is a charity whose objective is to give grants for educational purposes. The criteria for the award of grants are given below.

Grants are made to students for their A level years in fee-paying schools (including state boarding schools). The students will normally have high academic standards (a majority of actual or predicted A*s or As at GCSE) and their parents or guardians will no longer be able to meet their planned financial commitments for education as a result of a sudden or unexpected family crisis such as death, accident, severe illness, divorce, desertion or loss of employment. In exceptional cases, where need is demonstrably great, the Trustees will consider applications from those with lower grades. Consideration will also be given to cases where there is a major educational, social or pastoral problem. The Education Officers will be happy to advise on the viability of such applications.

Grants are made only where the school is willing to make a significant contribution to the fees.

Students in other age groups are not eligible for Emmott grants. The present policy of the Trustees is to make grants direct to schools to help only with the main school fees, not with incidental expenses, music lessons, expeditions etc.

The Trustees meet three times a year, in March, June and November, in order to allocate grants.

Recent grants have tended to be in the range of 500 to 1500 per term.

Enquiries and applications should be made to the Education Officers:

Julie and Paul Spillane
136 Browns Lane,
NG12 5BN

0115 937 6526